Cell Bank Viral Safety: Replace animal-based assays used for
adventitious virus and MAP/HAP/RAP (Mouse,
Hamster and
Rat Antibody Production Tests)
with one single NGS assay! 

 Discover how iDTECT® Transcriptome assay transforms
cell banking & cell therapies products testing.

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  • Accelerated Timelines: Release cell banks at least 4 weeks earlier.
  • Agnostic Assay: Broad range of viruses.
  • Ethical and Animal-Free: Aligned with the 3Rs (reduction, refinement, replacement) goals.
  • Robust and Repeatable: Low repeat rate, with flexibility.
  • Efficiency: One assay replaces multiple tests.


  • ANSM Review: Endorsed by the French Agency for Medicines.
  • GMP and Validated: Meets the highest standards.
  • Superiority: Published data over in vivo adventitious virus assays.
  • Specific Virus Detection: Reliable identification.
  • FDA/CBER Biologics Master File: Filed for your confidence.
  • Matrix-Specific Controls: Ensuring accuracy.

    Join us on the transformative path toward
    safer, faster, and animal-free
    cell banking & cell therapies products testing.