Video Blog – SENSITIVITY, SCALABILITY AND SPEED: The Value of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for Identity Testing of Plasmids & Viral Vectors

Identity testing is critical for ensuring quality and safety of biopharmaceuticals. As such, identity testing is a key regulatory requirement for release testing. For viral vectors containing a genetic payload, the regulatory expectation is that identity is confirmed through the determination of the nucleotide sequence of the product.

This video blog (VLOG) is based on a presentation Colette Côté, Ph.D., PathoQuest’s Chief Scientific and Portfolio Officer & General Manager of the comany’s U.S. subsidiary, gave during the recent BPI West meeting in San Diego.

Colette’s presentation:

  • Reviews the application of Next Generation Sequencing for the identity testing of plasmids and viral vectors.
  • Answers the question of why companies should choose NGS over other technologies (e.g. Sanger sequencing)?
  • Provides insights on what if unexpected results are found during testing.