Replacing Mouse, Rat and Hamster Antibody Production Tests (MAP/RAP/HAP) with
 NGS iDTECT®  Transcriptome assay. 

 Further PathoQuest data to support the switch to iDTECT® NGS for faster, safer, animal free release of cell banks is now available ! 

 The ICH Q5A(R2) guideline adopted in November 2023 specifically references next generation sequencing (NGS) as an advanced virus testing tool and an ethical replacement for virus testing in animal models.

In partnership with Charles River Laboratories, we have generated data which underscores the superiority of our GMP validated iDTECT® Transcriptome assay over MAP/RAP/HAP in the characterization of rodent cell lines.

This assay harnesses the power of NGS to screen cell lines for any replicating viral contaminants and allows the replacement of two mandatory animal-based assays: in vivo adventitious virus and MAP/RAP/HAP testing.

With iDTECT® Transcriptome assay,
opt for a faster, safer and animal free QC.